Attorney at Law Matthew J. Grosland Smiling

I found my passion for law while my wife was in law school. We would talk about her classes, which fascinated me, and I enrolled in the Nashville School of Law. 

My first job out of law school was working as a criminal defense lawyer. I quickly took on family cases and then moved into mediation and copyright law. The latter comes from my background in music. I studied music in both my undergraduate and graduate-level studies. The combination of passion and practice drives me to work on cases I can personally relate to.

My Areas of Expertise

As a general practitioner, I have experience in many areas of the law. Below is a list of some of the legal practice areas I have extensive experience in:

  • Criminal Defense
    • DUI
    • Felony Theft
    • Aggravated Burglary
    • Sex Crimes
    • TennCare Fraud
    • Doctor Shopping
    • Drug Crimes
  • Family Law
    • Divorce
    • Visitation and Child Custody
    • Child and Spousal Support
    • Adoption
    • Termination of Parental Rights
  • Mediation
  • Copyright
  • Trademark

No matter what your situation may be, I will work with you to pursue your goals and secure the best possible outcome for your case.

There is a time to be the sword and a time to be the shield. But it’s always about what your goals are and how I can help you achieve them.

My Values & Standard of Practice

Practicing law for almost ten years I have discovered and defined beliefs and values that influence the way I practice law and serve my clients. These principles guide my practice and approach: 

  • Integrity and honesty are first and foremost in every client/attorney relationship. 
  • The client’s goals and needs are more important than collecting a fee. 
  • Managing client expectations can only be done with transparency. 
  • In order to properly prepare and build strategies for the case, all information provided by the client, and the circumstances, must be considered and thoroughly analyzed. 

I treat every client with respect, professionalism, and priority. When you come to me for help, you will receive compassionate treatment and high-quality legal service. 

The Client Experience

No matter what brings you to my firm, your case management begins with a consultation. In this first meeting, I will gather the information I need about your situation to explain your options and strategize a plan for moving forward.

I recognize that your personal situation has different effects on your emotions and disposition. Many of my clients come to me strained, distraught, angry, fearful, anxious— sometimes all of the above. You can come to my office and know you will be treated with dignity and respect regardless of your situation. 

If you are in need of a family lawyer, criminal defense attorney, or assistance with other legal matters, I can help you. My job is to educate you on your rights, handle the legalities of your case, and provide you with the best counsel and representation. Call my office today to schedule a consultation!

Bar Admissions

  • Middle District Federal Court of Tennessee, 2017
  • Tennessee State Bar, 2013


  • Nashville School of Law, 2012
  • Carnegie Mellon University, 2003
  • Concordia Moorhead Minnesota, 1996